History of San Jacinto County :1870-1940



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The subject of this study is The History of San Jacinto County. Throughout the writer’s experience in studies of a historical nature there have been many instances in which county histories figured. Not often is it possible for a study of this nature to be made through the cooperative efforts of people who have witnessed the growth and development of the county for generations. It is the writer’s privilege to have known many of these contributors, for her family has served politically and religiously in San Jacinto County for the past three generations. Since there had been made no complete historical record of San Jacinto County, it seems necessary that the progress and economic development of the county be noted. In order, therefore, to preserve an authentic record in which it is hoped to be of value as time goes on, it is the plan of this study to include in one volume the complete history of San Jacinto County. The files of local newspapers; sources found in the State Liberty, and the Library of the University of Texas, Austin Texas; the Estill Library, Huntsville, Texas; county records; files of The Texas Almanac; and early church histories have been valuable sources of information, in addition to interviews with and correspondence from early residents of San Jacinto County.



San Jacinto County, Texas History, San Jacinto History