University-based Principal Preparation Programs in Texas in 2019: Where is Special Education?

Lê, Ann Hoa
Combs, Julie P.
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School Leadership Review

Most principal training programs in the United States focus very little on preparing aspiring instructional leaders to lead programs for students with disabilities. An examination of principal preparation programs and their SPED components is necessary at a time when standards have been revised and new certification exams have been constructed in Texas. To explore the presence of SPED topics in principal certification courses, we used a classical content analysis with a group of university-based principal preparation programs. Almost half of the universities in our study required 18 semester hours or fewer for principal certification, and none of these had course titles specific to SPED. Implications for supporting new principals in practice are provided.

Article co-authored by Julie P. Combs originally published in School Leadership Review.
Special education, Texas, principal preparation, certification, disabilities
Lê, Ann Hoa and Combs, Julie Peterson (2021) "University-based Principal Preparation Programs in Texas in 2019: Where is Special Education?," School Leadership Review: Vol. 16 : Iss. 1 , Article 4. Available at: