Law Enforcement Agencies Should Use Social Media




Andreucci, Richard

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)


Law enforcement agencies are slowly adopting social media platforms to assist them in connecting to their citizenry. Law enforcement has little to no control over the message the media delivers about them. This lack of ability needs to be addressed and remedied. Law enforcement can use social media to provide information not published by traditional news organizations. This information can range from road closures to a monthly crime blotter detailing the calls for service on a weekly or monthly basis. Law enforcement should use social media as a resource to enhance their relationship with their citizenry, control their media presence, assist in criminal investigation, and provide a new line of communication. This paper will show the need for the use of social media exists and is currently being used by many larger agencies.


Show how Law Enforcement can use social media to assist the community


police community relations, police and mass media, social media