An investigation of techniques used for training distance runners and the development of a training program for high school distance runners



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It was the purpose of this study to investigate the techniques of training used by the world’s leading distance runners and coaches. From this study a program of training was formulated that could be applied to high school distance runners. The methods used to obtain data for this study were (1) examination of numerous books and magazines; and (2) interviews with high school track coaches. Findings: From the evidence presented in this study the following conclusions were reached: 1.All training systems discussed have their respective merits. 2.The Fartlek system is more suited to more mature athletes. 3.The interval system is best for high school and college athletes. 4.The Lydiard system is more suitable for long distance runners. The suggested program for high school athletes is best suited to the Texas Gulf Coast Region.



Running., Physical education and training., Coaching (Athletics)