A study of the attitudes of professional football players toward professional football, physical education, alcohol, war, marijuana, and women's liberation



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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to obtain an insight into the attitudes of professional football players. The study was involved with six specific phases: (1) professional football; (2) physical education; (3) war; (4) marijuana; (5) alcohol; (6) women’s liberation. Method: The method used to acquire the data was a questionnaire sent to two professional teams in the National Football League. The two teams chosen were the Denver Broncos and the Saint Louis Football Cardinals. Findings: 1. The players listed the reasons for playing professional football in the following order: 1. Money 2. Self-Satisfaction 3. Love of the game 4. Social Status 5. Physical Contact 2. The younger group favored marijuana by 19% over the older group. The group as a whole disfavored marijuana with a 45% ranking. 3. The younger group favored women’s liberation 6% higher than the older group. The players on the whole favored women’s liberation with a 60% ranking. 4. The older group favored professional football more by 10%. The players as a whole favored professional football with an 82% ranking.



Attitude (Psychology), Football.