Biz of Acq - LibGuides: Changing the Game for Technical Services Procedures & Policies




Mueller, Kat Landry
Thompson, Molly
Flinchbaugh, Michelle

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Against the Grain


While librarians are stereotypically excellent at preserving and ensuring access to library materials for patrons, there tends to be noticeable lack of instructions when it comes to documenting their own workflows and procedures. Librarians at Sam Houston State University’s Newton Gresham Library are trying to “change the game” when it comes to efficient and effective documentation of Technical Services department’s policies and processes. Springshare’s LibGuides has thus far been an beneficial system for documenting SHSU Library internal practices and systems. As with most technical documentation structure, continued success depends upon routine updates, maintaining access, and widespread adoption by personnel.


Column describing the process of putting Technical Services procedures on LibGuides.


Technical Services, LibGudies, Procedures, acquisitions


Flinchbaugh, Michelle; Landry Mueller, Kat; and Thompson, Molly (2015) "Biz of Acq--LibGuides: Changing the Game for Technical Services Procedures & Policies," Against the Grain: Vol. 27: Iss. 4, Article 38. DOI: