Reality based training and its importance to law enforcement




Fitchett, Ernest

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)


Reality based training (RBT) is relevant to contemporary law enforcement because it provides the needed tools for officers to react to a potential crisis in a self- survival and sustainable manner. RBT can promote mental acuity, situational awareness, and confidence within the officer so that they may adequately handle various situations as well as save the life of their fellow officers, bystanders, and the suspect. The position of the researcher is that reality-based training (RBT) is a type of training that offers officers realistic experiences in training that will provide them the necessary tools to win and survive the potential critical conflicts that theymay encounter. Stress survival strategies and psychological training are not a substitute for experience learned through law enforcement training. Consequently, the skills and mental acuity gained should collaborate with other training to provide a comprehensive approach to the preparation and performance of police officers (Asken, 2007). Therefore, the two goals of RBT are to provide police officers and law enforcement individuals with a foundation in the mental and psychological skills that can provide an optimum response in times of stress in conjunction with a maximization of an individual’s skills. The conclusion and focus for recommendation for future research involves RBT and its integration with other law enforcement training. For example, these subsequent training strategies can offer a truly comprehensive approach that can allow the police officer to develop a strong foundation of individual skills. These learned and acquired skills can add increased mental awareness, effective psychological skills, and confidence, and enhance the officer’s ability to always think before acting.


Examines Reality based training (RBT) as an addition to law enforcement training. This training allow officers to gain confidence that they can handle various situations.


police training, reality based training