An evaluation of the distributive education program in Texas



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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to secure information which could be utilized to evaluate and improve the Distributive Education Program in Texas. Consideration was given to (1) the comments and data furnished by the Distributive Education Coordinators of Texas, (2) questionnaires completed by selected retail businesses in Texas, and (3) personal interviews with selected businessmen in Angleton, Texas. Methods: Mailed questionnaires and personal interviews were used to gather most of the data. In some cases questionnaires were handed to the respondents for immediate reply. Secondary data were used for historical and background data for Chapter II. The structured form of the questionnaire was used, with the selection type of items so that the respondent had only to check blanks. Space for personal comments was included. Findings: 1. Students should receive training in communications, human relations and business mathematics as recommended by the respondents. These areas of training are valuable to the student whether or not they choose a career in business. 2. Distributive education training in the secondary schools of Texas is helping many students enter the retail business. 3. Distributive education students make better employees than students who have not had this training. 4. Students taking distributive education show more responsibility and appear to be more mature than do other part-time student employees. 5. The value of distributive education is not understood by many administrators, counselors, and teachers. 6. Permitting a change in required courses by the Texas Education Agency would be helpful in achieving a more effective vocational training program. This request should come from the local school. 7. Personality, attitude, and ability to get along with others are important traits for young applicants to possess. These traits are more important than technical skills.



Distributive education--Texas.