Romantic Relationships Within the Same Agency




Guanajuato, Ben

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



Marital or dating relationships among law enforcement officers from within the same agency seems to be more common in current times than before due to the law enforcement field seeing more and more female officers in the law enforcement profession. Some department heads do not support interrelationships due to the fact of the many issues that could arise from it. One issue that department heads may face are during promotional periods and possibly receiving negative feedback from whom was selected for promotion if the person promoted is with someone already in a supervisory position, which in turn could create moral issues. Although there are many issues that one can image about interrelationships, there is also advantages for all involved including the department, community and the officers themselves. One advantage to allowing the interrelationship, is the individuals involved form a strong bond and are able to communicate on the same level with complete understanding of each other’s outlook and feelings of any given incident whether the incident is a positive or negative outcome. Relationships within the same agency can help the department with this by knowing all officers involved are as content with their personal lives as they are while on duty. Therefore, agencies should accept and support martial or dating relationships within the same agency.


Sex in the Workplace, Police--Community management