A Need for Implementation of a Specialized Law Enforcement Park Division in Montgomery County, Texas




Fitzgerald, Brady

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



In Montgomery County, Texas, there is a need for the implementation of a specialized law enforcement park division. Montgomery County has dedicated a large amount of property, money, and county resources toward parks, green spaces, and nature preserves. These parks can save money, have an economic value in the form of property value and tax revenue, and have physical and psychological benefit for users of the parks. Parks can additionally be utilized for attracting business, strengthening community relationships, making neighborhoods more attractive places to live and work, for exercise and sporting events, and in assisting in community development. Parks have additional benefits as they can help reduce air pollutants, reduce water pollution, reduce flooding, protect natural resources, wildlife, insects, and other species, save money, and increase the quality of life of the area around the park. There is a need to protect these county resources. In conclusion, this white paper will make position points on the need for this specialized park division. The white paper will demonstrate how the specialized park division is necessary for the protection of county assets and how this division can assist the quality of life of the citizens and occupants of Montgomery County and surrounding counties. For this reason, Montgomery County, Texas should implement a dedicated law enforcement division for specialized park patrol, patrolling park projects, nature preserves, and to be utilized for special calls for service.


Parks--Texas, Police Patrol