The Utilization of Body Worn Cameras by Law Enforcement Agencies Throughout the Country




Squier, Eric

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)


Community groups are calling for police reform and transparency from the law enforcement community. Police officers are coming under fire for officer involved shootings and use of force encounters across the country. Police officers are no longer considered credible on their word alone. This presents a true problem for the law enforcement community. Public trust is paramount for the law enforcement officers to perform their duties and protect their communities. Body worn cameras are small compact cameras that officers can wear on their uniforms. These small devices can capture encounters from law enforcement with the community they serve. Law enforcement should use body worn cameras to help reduce the use of force encounters, document crimes accurately, to protect officers from false accusations, and cut time spent in court. With the implementation of body worn cameras, law enforcement will be transparent and rebuild the trust of the people they serve.



Wearable video devices in police work