Effectiveness of Minimalistic Living: Conversion of a School Bus into a Mobile Living Space During COVID-19




Mizuno, Maine

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Mobile homes such as RV, trailer, and skoolie have increased usage during the COVID-19 pandemic. Skoolies allow users to achieve cost-effective, spatially conservative, sustainable living. Hypotheses for this study are to see the benefit of living in a skoolie compared to a one-bedroom apartment/studio. The researcher conducted questionnaires and asked 30 people to see how much people that live in a skoolie and a one-bedroom apartment/studio pay monthly. The study found that living in a school bus significantly cheaper than living in a one-bedroom apartment/studio. Skoolies enable people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic to have a temporary place to stay while helping the environment by using sustainable products. This project shows that living in a skoolie will achieve cost-efficient living therefore it will help people that lost their jobs by the pandemic.


Video of research conducted for 2021 Undergraduate Research Symposium


mobile home, cost-effective, pandemic economics