The Warrior Mindset Attributes





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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



Law enforcement officers are being confronted with a serious dilemma. There is a division between the police and our communities when it comes to public trust. Some of this distrust comes from the belief that law enforcement has moved away from the traditional roles of Sir Robert Peel and the community policing model to a much more different role. The traditionalist role was referred to as the guardian mindset. This has been replaced with the warrior mindset. Some believe that the warrior mindset is causing a more scared and aggressive officer, which has led to police shootings that are unreasonable. There are others who feel that the warrior mindset is essential in the everyday survival of the law enforcement officer. It can also be argued that the elimination of the warrior mindset will and has put officers at serious risk of injury or death. The people of the community must be treated with dignity, respect, and equality. There is no greater honor and responsibility than service. However, law enforcement officers should be trained to call on the attributes of the warrior mindset. These attributes are the best ways to help them survive a fatal encounter. Law enforcement officers must be trained for high stress situations using force on force. It is important to learn to understand stress, fear, hypervigilance, and how to control them while operating under them. Law enforcement officers should receive regular “shoot/don’t shoot” train


Militarization of police, Police training