Law Enforcement Agencies Using Social Media to Provide Better Service




Grimaldo, Alfredo

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



Progressive law enforcement leaders from around the country are constantly trying to figure out ways to provide a higher, more effective and efficient method of service to their community while still operating within their budgetary constraints and manpower capacity. This leadership white paper is devoted to one of the most effective and impactful tools for law enforcement in modern time. The ability to use social media to its maximum potential can create an endless amount of results, and this document addresses just a few of those which can make a tremendous impact in the community they serve while creating greater community engagement reducing the crime rate and doing so while saving time, money, and manpower. The numbers are staggering in favor of social media’s reach and potential. The ability to reduce crime while keeping the citizens informed and engaged in the inner workings of a law enforcement agency entice organizations to incorporate social media platforms into the arsenal of tools at their disposal. Previously unsolved cases cleared, community programs advertised and all of this at very little or no cost depending on its application. This is why all law enforcement agencies should use social media because it is truly a movement changing the future of law enforcement in the communities which they serve with a positive outcome.


Police and mass media, Social media, Police-community relations