Social Media Manager in Law Enforcement




Strain, Ronnie

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



Social media is increasingly becoming a news source and communications tool for many people across the country. The increasing availability of smartphones has given rise to big platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to act as news sources for people on-the-go in our 24-hour news cycle. Social media is not going away. News organizations are having to find ways to more easily reach consumers in the digital era. Further, businesses and government agencies are taking out the middlemen news organizations and going straight to the people. Law enforcement agencies from big cities to small villages need to similarly enter the digital, social media era. Social media is a free opportunity for agencies to get their message out to the community. It is a two-way communicator with the people that they serve. With so many people on social media, law enforcement agencies have the opportunity to reach and build new relationships within their communities. Moreover, agencies can harness the power of social media to collect tips for criminal activities in the community and alert citizens in emergency situations. Social media is an opportunity to respond quickly and effectively to inaccuracies and constructively respond to criticism. Having a dedicated social media manager can bridge the gap in the community. While there are a few challenges to hiring one person like budgetary concerns or negative perceptions on social media, a social media manager can improve perceptions of the law enforcement agency in the public and help create a positive and authoritative voice for the community. Social media is incredibly important for community building, and law enforcement agencies need to be a part of that process.


Police-community relations, Police and mass media, Social media