Comments on the Essence of Management




Souryal, Sam S.

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Justice Professional


The purpose of this article is to articulate the essence of management "outside the shop," through a process of fine tuning based on contrasting its tenets with those of the traditionally better known concept of organization. The format used is unorthodox. The article will mimimize the conventional narrative and condense the comparison into taxonomical tables, each with two columns; one illustrating organization, and the other illustrating management. This format is deemed most conducive to clarity and comparability. A brief reiteration of the concepts of administration, organization, and management will be presented first. These will be followed by four tables representing the perspective from theory, from practice, and from the perceptions of workers and of supervisors.


An early draft of an article by Sam S. Souryal later published in Justice Professional. Justice Professional is now called Criminal Justice Studies: A Critical Journal of Crime, Law and Society


management, police administration, management theory, perspective


Souryal, S.S. (1988) Comments on the Essence of Management. Justice Professional, 3(1), 159-170.