Mandatory Fitness Training Hours for Officers




Grasse, Erik

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When an emergency occurs, and citizens call 9-1-1, they expect law enforcement officers to respond and deal with whatever situation they come upon. In order to effectively respond they must be in top physical condition. Currently officers only have physical fitness training in an academy, or they must meet a fitness standard prior to getting hired. Beyond this minute amount of fitness training there is no long-term plan in most law enforcement agencies for any additional programs. The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) should set minimum physical fitness training hours to impress upon officers the importance of physical fitness as it relates to long-term health and wellness. Fitness is a crucial part of officer health and wellness. When officers participate in a physical fitness programs the results can include increased strength, increased flexibility, increased cardiovascular health and an increase in general health (Kasper, 2013). In addition, it is irresponsible to wait or respond to an officer losing a fight with a subject due to his or her fitness level (Nice, 2017).



Police--Health and Hygiene, Physical Fitness