Physical fitness for part time SWAT teams




Lister, Robert

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)


Implementing a minimum physical fitness standard for part-time SWAT teams will help improve officers’ overall health and help improve the safety of the officers and the civilians. According to Tate (1999), research has shown “that individuals who maintain physical fitness standards have displayed the discipline and mental toughness to maintain a strenuous regimen are apt to be more focused on achieving tactical goals under adverse conditions” (p. 4). Currently, most part-time SWAT teams are not required to maintain minimum physical fitness standards, and the officer maintains his own physical fitness. The purpose of this research is to discuss the importance of implementing a minimum physical fitness standard to improve the officers’ overall health and safety. Requiring officers to maintain a physical fitness standard will help improve the officers’ health. Oldham (2001) stated “Every year more officer’s die from heart attacks or diseases related to the degradation of the body than all those who die from violent attacks and traffic accidents combined” (p. 74). A recommendation was made to have all part-time SWAT teams implement a minimum physical fitness standard.


Examines the need to implement minimum physical fitness standards for part-time SWAT teams to improve the health and safety of the officers and civilians.


physical fitness, police heath and hygiene