Intergovernmental relations involved in the development of new towns in Texas




Redd, Janet Katherine Ball,1951-

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Purpose: The purpose of this research is to explore the intergovernmental relations that are involved in the development of two new towns in Texas, namely, The Woodlands in Montgomery County and the Houston Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area, and Flower Mound New Town in Denton County and the Dallas-Fort Worth Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area. Methods: Relationships between governmental units and new towns were first separated into vertical (federal and state governments) and horizontal (those governments that are creations of the state) relationships. Information about these relationships was gathered from newspapers and personal letters. The major source of information was provided by personal interviews with local officials and new town representatives. These interactions are then categorized according to political relationship type: routine policymaking, mutual accommodation, innovative conflict, and disintegrative conflict. Findings: 1. The intergovernmental relations that involve the new towns of The Woodlands and Flower Mound New Town are mainly routine administrative ones. 2. Horizontal relations make up the largest percentage of routine policymaking relationships, while vertical relations provide the majority of mutual accommodation, innovative conflict, and disintegrative conflict relationships. 3. There is little coordination among the programs that involve new towns. 4. Most governmental units involved with the new towns are completely unimpressed with the new town phenomena. 5. The new towns have found it difficult to be innovative. 6. New towns in Texas have found it necessary to create special districts to meet their needs. 7. The Department of Housing and Urban Development is not entirely committed to the new town program.



City planning--Texas, City planning--Texas--Woodlands, City planning--Texas--Flower Mound, Urbanization--Texas