An evaluation of one hundred junior high and elementary school football programs of the class AA schools of Texas



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Purpose: It was the purpose of this study (1) to determine the practices and policies being carried on in the junior high and elementary school football programs in the AA school districts in Texas; and (2) to evaluate these programs as they are now being conducted in those schools. Method: The method used to obtain data was to send an information blank to one junior high or elementary school in each of 173 AA school districts in the State of Texas. Findings: From the evaluation presented in this study the following conclusions appear to be in order: 1. The programs of the schools need to be replanned according to the individual differences of the youth who participate in the program. 2. It would appear that there is a lack of concern for the health of the participants as there are not enough schools that require parental permission and physical examinations before allowing the boy to participate in the program. 3. It would appear that the schools are requiring the athletes to participate in too many games each season. The rules for these games have not been modified for this younger age group by many of the schools with the exception that some of the schools have shortened the time of the quarter. 4. There is an apparent need for more coaches to prepare themselves for this program and to remain in the field of junior high football. 5. The school systems need to re-evaluate their policies concerning the date of the game and the time at which it starts. 6. It is apparent that in almost all schools junior high and elementary football is a school program, being financed by the school and administered by school officials. 7. It would appear that the program is being conducted with adequate equipment and facilities. 8. There is an apparent need for the program to be re-evaluated in the light of educational psychology which states that students should be allowed to take as full a part in school activities as can safely be delegated to them.



Football--Texas, AA Texas Schools, Football programs, school football programs, Texas