Police Athletic Leagues for Law Enforcement




Baldwin, Gregory D.

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



Police Athletics Teams are an excellent tool for Law Enforcement agencies. These teams are valuable in so many areas for the departments and the officers who choose to participate. The health gains and professional development for the officers will allow them to better serve our communities. The departments enjoy the benefits in recruitment, retention, and public image from Police Athletic Teams. The benefits far out weight any public misconceptions of how Police Athletics are an unnecessary drain on the department’s budget and officers would be prone to Weekend Warrior injuries. Healthy and athletic employees are less likely to have issues that contribute to the rising cost of health care. Police athletic teams will allow departments to recruit and retain the most desirable and highly sought after police officers. Competing in competitive sporting events will build pride and comradery amongst the officers. Athletic teams require very little money and mostly just require support and flexibility from the department. These athletic teams are an excellent public relations tool at a time when the media is full of negative stories about law enforcement. Law enforcement agencies should support competitive police athletic teams.


Physical fitness, Employee morale, Employee motivation