Regionalizing Part Time SWAT Teams to Enhance Capabilities and Limit Liability Exposure




Partin, Derral

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)


In today’s world, no jurisdiction is immune to the propensity for violence. Law enforcement administrators have a duty to their citizens to have a plan of action in the event a tactical team is needed. Whether they employ their own or call upon another jurisdiction, agencies must be ready for a high risk call. Too many times, law enforcement agencies with part time tactical teams find themselves struggling to maintain recommended training hours, purchase necessary equipment, and select the proper personnel. This is usually due to limited budgets and small applicant pools. When these agencies attempt to deploy an insufficiently selected, inadequately trained, and poorly equipped tactical team, agency administrators are setting themselves, their department, and governmental jurisdictions up for liability exposure. Departments with part time tactical teams and limited resources should seek to develop and implement a multi-jurisdictional tactical team with neighboring agencies to limit liability and enhance capabilities. This is particularly important when it comes to sound policy, supervision, training, and selection of officers on tactical teams. This model can mitigate liability exposure in the event of a lawsuit.



Police -- special weapons and tactics, Intergovernmental cooperation