Identifying Demographic Variables that can Predict Alumni Giving at a Regional Comprehensive Four-Year University in the South


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Colleges and universities across the nation rely heavily on donations from private individuals, especially with the decline in government funding, to supplement operational budgets and support student financial aid. The purpose of this study is to determine if the (a) age, (b) gender, (c) race/ethnicity, (d) marital status, (e) academic college/major, (f) year of graduation, (g) proximity to campus, (h) professional title, (i) the alumni’s level of education, or (j) dual graduate marriage can predict whether or not an alumnus will give back to their alma mater upon graduation. This study explored predicting factors of alumni giving at a regional comprehensive four-year university in the South. Knowing the predicting factors surrounding donations can assist development officers effectively increase alumni giving. A logistic regression of alumni donor history is used to determine the probability of alumni giving. This study found age and race/ethnicity to be statistically significant in predicting alumni giving. The ability to identify demographic variables that can predict alumni who are most likely to give back to their alma mater can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of fundraising efforts by development officers.



Alumni giving, Charitable giving, Alumni donors, Alumni support, Fundraising, Institutional advancement