The Background and Impact of the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act on Life, Economy, and Politics in Contemporary Syria




Suttie, Robert K.

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Elliott T. Bower Honors College, Sam Houston State University


After a Syrian photographer leaked pictures of the torture happening in the current Syrian regime’s prisons, the United States plans to help the Syrian people, who have been suffering from terrible atrocities committed by their president Bashar al-Assad and his totalitarian regime by enforcing a strict economic boycott against anyone who does any type of business with them. This boycott is known as the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act and consists of a series of economic sanctions that the United States implemented in December of 2019 which targets Syria’s tyrannical government, also known as the Assad regime, in an attempt to topple the regime, inspire political opening, and protect the citizens of Syria. This thesis studies the circumstances that led to the Syrian Conflict and its consequential barbarity. It also critiques the impacts of the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act on the Syrian regime, as well as the Syrian people. This study utilizes various academic resources from books, online publications, and data collected from interviews to assess whether the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act is successful in accomplishing its intended objectives.



Arab Spring, Bashar al-Assad, Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act, Democracy, Dictatorship, United States' Sanctions, Syrian Crisis