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    Uncovering the Past, Shaping the Future: The Untold Story of School Desgregation in St. Louis, MO
    (Elliott T. Bowers Honors College, 2023-05) Davis, Summer
    St. Louis, Missouri is a modern segregated city that implemented the largest and longest running desegregation program in the country, beginning decades after Brown v Board, and ending just this year. This project will uncover the secrets of current states of education in St. Louis today and shed light on the political and legal forces responsible for integration and its limits. It will attempt to examine issues regarding the legality and moral choices behind the court system’s decision to integrate schools, explore the methods used to carry out desegregation, analyze influential local cases regarding segregation, and allow for the telling of the stories of those who experienced all of these efforts at the time.
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    (Elliott T. Bowers Honors College, 2021-12) Kamal, Kismot Adunni; Benson, Justina Esohe; Bouamer, Siham; Alexander, Adannaa
    Healthcare is an essential aspect of every human life. Every human is entitled to the right to care and must be able to access it to prevent the spread of infections and/ or cure an illness. To deliver care, healthcare professionals must have proficient medical knowledge, but also understanding of patients' health needs. Understanding patients’ needs involves communication, but also the awareness of patients' thoughts and behaviors that might affect the way they receive healthcare. Mental healthcare is one of the priority health conditions of migrants, specifically Central American migrants. Additionally, Central Americans are amongst the new wave of immigrants coming into the United States. Considering the number of Central American immigrants that reside in Houston, Texas, the purpose of this study was to understand what is being done in Houston to provide culturally competent mental health service to this population. In addition to reviewing the literature, we scanned the websites of organizations that offer mental health services in Houston and Los Angeles as a comparison group. Our findings indicate that though Central Americans do not often use mental healthcare because of them attributing it to physical pain, there is lack of adequate providers in Houston to serve this population. In addition, there is not enough research on this population because of being classified into a monolith group as Hispanic/Latino.
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    The Background and Impact of the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act on Life, Economy, and Politics in Contemporary Syria
    (Elliott T. Bower Honors College, Sam Houston State University, 2021-12) Suttie, Robert K.; Zahrawi, Samar
    After a Syrian photographer leaked pictures of the torture happening in the current Syrian regime’s prisons, the United States plans to help the Syrian people, who have been suffering from terrible atrocities committed by their president Bashar al-Assad and his totalitarian regime by enforcing a strict economic boycott against anyone who does any type of business with them. This boycott is known as the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act and consists of a series of economic sanctions that the United States implemented in December of 2019 which targets Syria’s tyrannical government, also known as the Assad regime, in an attempt to topple the regime, inspire political opening, and protect the citizens of Syria. This thesis studies the circumstances that led to the Syrian Conflict and its consequential barbarity. It also critiques the impacts of the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act on the Syrian regime, as well as the Syrian people. This study utilizes various academic resources from books, online publications, and data collected from interviews to assess whether the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act is successful in accomplishing its intended objectives.
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    Giving Voices to Youth in Community Disaster Mitigation: Texas Case Study
    (2020-12-11) Nunez, Carolina
    There is a paucity of research on the inclusion of children and youth in disaster risk reduction nor participating in using mitigation strategies to lessen the impact of disasters prone to occur in their communities. However, in recent years, there has been a gradual increase of research documenting that children and youth play a role in emergency management in taking leadership to educate and influence their community on disaster risk reduction (DRR) and mitigation. This thesis will bring focus on a group of individuals that have been ignored in voicing their thoughts on creating a safer community against natural disasters, such as flooding. The study will focus on the impact of Tropical Storm Imelda in the Kingwood, Texas area, and how children and youth can engage in DRR and mitigation in their community. Thesis reviews existing literature on the children and youth population, and their inclusion in DRR and mitigation. Thesis results is an educational module formed to help engage and educate children and youth in the Kingwood community on their role in DRR and assist in forming mitigation strategies to prevent future impacts caused by natural disasters.
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    God, Self, and Identity: A Comparative Examination of Eastern and Western Philosophy of Religion
    (2020-12-07) Mcgrenera, Matthew; Bechtol , Harris
    This project is intended to prove that Eastern philosophy can be used along with Western philosophy to further what seems to be the limitation of human comprehension. The paper will focus on Hinduism in comparison with three Western philosophers: GWF Hegel, Baruch Spinoza, and John Locke. This paper will be a unique take on the philosophy of religion through a comparative philosophy approach. The paper will explore three main topics: God, Self, and Identity. It will do so through a case study on each topic. The case studies are to be seen as evidence that this form of comparative philosophy can be beneficial in progressing philosophy. The case studies are not intended to be separate from one another. While they can exist alone as evidence of the conclusion, they are intended to be read in sequence as there is a clear connection that exists between them. This paper is not intended to be a complete analysis of religion. Rather, it is intended to show the relationship between Western and Eastern philosophy through the philosophy of religion and a comparison of Abrahamic religion with Hinduism.
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    (Sam Houston State University Honors College, 2020-12) Berenzweig, Sydney Jean; Edgington, William
    Abstinence-only sexual education has been taught throughout schools privately throughout the years but then gained traction and support in the 1960s [7]. It wasn’t until the 1980’s though that Americans started to oppose it and start actively fighting against the practice [7]. Many studies have been done through both sides of the debate to try and prove their point with only one side wielding unbiased and correct data to prove their point. This essay is in effect of the Pro-Comprehensive side of the debate and will explain many definitions, studies, and data from both sides of the debate but with a primary focus on the Pro-Comprehensive side of the debate. The methodology to find the information supporting the topic supported was found through a survey done using Google Form (turned out not to work with my thesis), searching for peer-reviewed articles on Google Scholar, and a Google search looking for reliable websites with pertinent information.
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    (Sam Houston State University Honors College, 2018) Leard, Raynie Shay; Pasquini, Erica
    This study will address the previous evidence that male and female athletes differ in their motivation in sports, by specifically exploring the self-reported incentives in motivation amongst male and female recreational motorcycle racers. The study explores the potential change in an athlete 's motivation when exposed to the idea that an external award will be rewarded prior to the completion of a motocross race on a closed circuit. The experiment will test the assertion that female motorcycle racers are less likely to be motivated to participate in motorsports for external awards, such as winning and receiving trophies and/or money. It is hypothesized that female racers are more likely to report motives for their competing in the sport of motorcycle racing based upon the internal pleasure of out-doing oneself and reaching personal goals. The study will conclude by discussing implications of the research, and why further research in similar areas is necessary.
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    Enhancing Lithium Ion Batteries through Cation Doping and Graphene Coating
    (Sam Houston State University Honors College, 2019-07) Zavala, Caleb Alexander; Fang, Hui
    LiFeP0.1 has emerged as one of the most promising cathode materials for lithium ion batteries for a large variety of applications from smart phones and power tools. to electric vehicles. However. poor electronic conductivity and low lithium ion diffusion rate hinders its large-scale applications. It has been demonstrated that the electronic conductivity of LiFePO􀀫 can be improved by several methods, including powder size reduction. carbon layer coating, and lattice eloping. In this research. we investigate the effect brought by the combination of cation eloping and carbon layer coating. Zr or Ti cation eloped LifeP04 is synthesized using solid-state reaction. Graphene or glucose is used as a carbon coating agent. Phase and morphology of as-prepared powder are characterized by X-ray diffraction. Electrochemical properties are characterized by charge-discharge measurement at various rate. Results of these measurements were analyzed and arc represented in Figure IO and Figure I I. which display the spcci lie discharge and charge capacity per milliamperes an hour per gram (mAh/g) lor a 55-cyclc number. These results determined that LiFeP04 with a glucose carbon coating agent was the cathode material with the best and most consistent results.
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    The Impact of Music Therapy Experiments and programs in Correctional Institutions: A Systematic Review
    (Sam Houston State University Honors College, 2018) Rosenbaum, Kelsey; Lyons, Phillip
    The use of music therapy can be seen in various circumstances, such as a hospital setting, and is proven to be of beneficial use to the participants. Common methods include vocal and instrumental performance, composition, relaxing listening, and lyric analysis. Outcomes for music therapy include, but are not limited to: decrease in anxiety and depression, better control of aggression, relaxation, improvement of motor skills, increase of confidence, and better social skills. One area that does not receive a lot of attention in regards to music therapy is its use in correctional institutions. With the outcomes music therapy has in other settings, it could be of great use in creating a better environment for inmates along with an outlet for the individuals to better themselves. This review aims to determine the effectiveness of music therapy programs within correctional facilities by previous program evaluations.
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    The Nature of the Relationship Between Crime and Geography
    (Sam Houston State University Honors College, 2019-05) McCarns, Kayla Lorelle; Vaughn, Michael
    Numerous criminological theories attempt to explain the criminality of individuals. While these theories differ they all carry implications for criminal justice agencies. In recent years, a few researchers have drawn attention to the lack of study and theory on criminality of space and place. Developing theory and studying the criminality of geographic place is a promising field that could help criminal justice agencies better allocate their limited resources to crime prone areas. This thesis reviews the existing literature on crime and geographic place to show the potential of this area of inquiry.
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    (Sam Houston State University Honors College, 2018-11-20) Baqir, Tasneem; Anastasi, Jeffrey; Baqir, Tasneem
    Previous research has shown that the criminal justice system can at times be discriminatory towards minorities. While most of this research has focused on racial discrimination, few studies have evaluated discrimination directed towards the LGBT community. The current study looked at whether there was discrimination against individuals from the LGBT community, specifically transgender individuals in the Texas justice system. A study was conducted to see whether people were more likely to find transgender persons more guilty than people whose gender identities identified with their sex for the same crimes. Participants in the current study were asked to read several vignettes and determine the guilt of the individual. The perpetrator was manipulated to be either a man, woman, transgender man, or transgender woman. The research found that the gender identity made a difference in the murder and robbery crimes but not for the prostitution and peeping crimes. However, contrary to predictions transgender individuals were actually found to be less guilty of murder and robbery than cisgender individuals, while transgender and cisgender individuals were found to be equally guilty for the crimes of prostitution and peeping. These results were not what I had expected, as I thought there would be more prejudice against transgender individuals and they would be more likely to be found guilty. Regardless, results indicate that transgender individuals may be treated differently than cisgender individuals by the justice system, but that they may be treated more leniently.
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    (Sam Houston State University Honors College, 2018-05) Bailey, William W; Jordan, Brian M
    Following the end of the Civil War, Confederate veterans returned to a home that was vastly different than the one they left behind. As veterans tried to adjust to the physical complications of their rebellion, they also had to deal with the political fallout of their actions as well. Under federal occupation, many ex-Confederates struggled to maintain control over their local governments and the newly freed slaves. In Texas, this struggle evolved into a series of confrontations, both political and clandestine, over who would control the state in the immediate aftermath of the war. In doing so, Texans attempted to assert their meaning of the war in the face of federal occupation. By following this struggle between ex-Confederates and the U.S occupation, the first chapter of this thesis also follows how Confederate veterans attempted to undo the effects of their defeat. The second chapter of this thesis continues to follow Confederate veterans long after the events of the first chapter. By the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth, Confederate veterans occupied a venerated position in society. While the meaning of that veneration varied from commentator to commentator it is clear that many supporters of the Lost Cause saw veterans as representative of the best qualities of the fallen Confederacy. However, this veneration held Confederate veterans to higher standard, resulting in many wounded veterans being denied aid from the state government. The result was a system implemented to provide veterans with aid while attempting to preserve the qualities that made them special in the eyes of Texas society. By looking at veterans in the immediate aftermath of the war, this paper shows how crucial they were in the formation of the Lost Cause.
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    Mindfulness and Religiosity as Predictors of Forgiveness
    (Sam Houston State University Honors College, 2017-05-09) Lewis, Shaelyn; Kimberly, Bell; Crosby, James
    In recent years’ forgiveness and mindfulness have received increasing empirical attention. Historically, both were primarily associated with religiosity/spirituality. It was not until forgiveness and mindfulness were studied as psychological constructs that their wide variety of positive health and behavior outcomes were empirically recognized. Although mindfulness and forgiveness have each been linked to a range of psychological and physiological health benefits, little research has been conducted on their relation to one another—especially in the context of religiosity. Further, little is known about the degree to which mindfulness and religiosity predict forgiveness. In the current study, forgiveness was found to be positively related to both mindfulness and intrinsic religiosity, with mindfulness being a stronger predictor of forgiveness than religiosity.