Attitudinal Differences between Female and Male Police Cadets/Officers in Taiwan: The Nexus between Gender, Immigration, and Crime



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Immigration is an increasingly salient issue throughout the world as the number of foreign residents continues to rise in many countries. In Taiwan, the foreign population has consistently increased in recent years. Immigrants in Taiwan are marginalized and are often subject to negative stereotypes from the media and public. As members of the public, police cadets/officers may be affected by such sentiments, but they should also maintain a neutral perspective and ensure equal treatment in various criminal justice processes. In particular, attitudes may differ based on cadet/officer gender. Males and females may have unique experiences in policing and inherent attitudinal differences. Overall, cadet/officer attitudes toward immigrants and immigration were positive, however, differences were observed between certain sociodemographic groups. In particular, generational and gender differences are examined. Policy implications, generally, and for Taiwan, in particular, are discussed.



Policing, Gender, Taiwan, Immigration, Attitudinal differences