Chronicling Female Agency with Satellite Images and Photographs from Google Earth




Albert, Donald Patrick

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Abstract. Teehuteatuaonoa, aka Jenny, was one of twelve Polynesian women accompanying HMAV Bounty mutineers to Pitcairn Island on January 15, 1790. Her accounts increased our knowledge of Bounty’s sailing track post-mutiny and island life during her nearly three decades (1790-1817) on Pitcairn Island (Albert 2021a). Jenny is the most traveled of Bounty’s women, and first to return to Tahiti after almost 30 years. Jenny’s journey is chronicled with satellite images and photographs from Google Earth. Her journey encompassed 15 links for a total of 24,090 km or 60% of the Earth’s circumference. The longest link was 7,400 km on the American Sultan from Coquimbo, Chile, to The Marquesas. Jenny’s life provides an example of strong female agency during a male-dominated era (late 1700s – early 1800s) when women’s voices were socially and institutionally repressed (Albert, 2021b).


Poster presented July 4-7,2023 at the Institute of Australia Geographers 2023, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia. Poster adapted from the article The Jenny Interviews and Other Sightings: Needle(s) in the Proverbial Haystack(s) by Don Albert in the Pitcairn Log Volume 48 Number 3 available at, and Teehuteatuaonoa aka 'Jenny' the Most Traveled Woman on the Bounty: Chronicling Female Agency and Island Movements with Google Earth by Don Albert in Island Studies Journal Volume 16 Number 1 available at


HMS Bounty, Google Earth, GIS, Qualitative Data