Differences in dropout rates, General Education Development recipient rates, High school graduation rates as a function of school size for students in poverty: A Texas multiyear statewide study.



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Archival data from the Texas Education Agency Academic Performance Report were analyzed to examine the relationships between high school enrollment size and dropout rates, GED recipient rates, and graduation rates for students in poverty. Statistically significant differences were determined in dropout rates and graduation rates for students in poverty as a function of high school size. In both school years, high schools with lower student enrollment had higher dropout rates and lower graduation rates for student in poverty than high schools with higher numbers of students enrolled. Only for 2014, were the 4-year longitudinal GED recipient rates the highest in small size high schools when the UIL classifications were used. Implications of these results for policy and for practice are provided.



Dropout rates, GED, Graduation rates, Poverty, Economically disadvantaged, School size