A Comparison Study using Stegexpose for Steganalysis.




Olson, Eric
Carter, Larry
Liu, Qingzhong

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International Journal of Knowledge Engineering


Steganography is the art of hiding secret message in innocent digital data files. Steganalysis aims to expose the existence of steganograms. While internet applications and social media has grown tremendously in recent years, the use of social media is increasingly being used by cybercriminals as well as terrorists as a means of command and control communication including taking advantage of steganography for covert communication. In this paper, we investigate open source steganography/steganalysis software and test StegExpose for steganalysis. Our experimental results show that the capability of stegExpose is very limited.


Article originally published in International Journal of Knowledge Engineering


Steganography, steganalysis, stegexpose, openstego, virtual steganographic library


Olson E, Carter L and Liu Q (2017). A comparison study using stegexpose for steganalysis. International Journal of Knowledge Engineering, 3(1): 8-12. doi: 10.18178/ijke.2017.3.1.079.