Experiences of Conditionally-Admitted Latinx Students Transitioning to a 4-Year University



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This hermeneutic phenomenological study explored the complex experiences of conditionally-admitted Latinx students during their first semester of enrollment at a public, 4-year university. Previous research on the topic has been built on foundational models of student transition and persistence, but existing theories that shape retention initiatives may not hold true for the diverse cultural backgrounds of Latinx students. Latinx critical race theory (LatCrit) was utilized as a framework to guide the research design and interpretation of findings. Data was collected from individual interviews with participants. The interviews were transcribed and themes were developed through a cycling methodology of immersion, understanding, and abstraction. Themes developed from this analytic process were used to write rich descriptions of the college transition experiences of conditionally-admitted Latinx students during their first few weeks of enrollment. The narratives of participants revealed both common themes and unique experiences that reflect the diverse backgrounds of Latinx students.



College transition, Latinx college students, Conditional college admission