Capital Punisment Interview with David Stacks - Director of The Texas Prison Museum

Wellbrock, Clint
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David Stacks, the director of the Texas Prison Museum, was interviewed over capital punishment and the methods of execution that have been implemented by the State of Texas. The goal of this interview was to identify the cause of the movement from using electrocution as a means of execution to using lethal injection, as well as the attitude surrounding the movement. A former correctional officer who began his career in 1979, Stacks provides significant insight into this movement as he talks about his personal experience in the prison setting and his interactions with inmates during this time. Stacks also provides a detailed account of the community's reaction to the first execution carried out by lethal injection in the State of Texas - Charlie Brookes, Jr. After discussing the community's reaction, Stacks shares some of his personal beliefs regarding the death penalty and the method of execution, and then reflects on the concept of execution in general.

Capital Punishment; Lethal Injection; Electric chair; Charlie Brookes, Jr.; Texas Department of Criminal Justice