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    Oral Interview with David Stacks on Huntsville 'Walls' Unit Prison History
    This is an interview with David Stacks who is the Director of The Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville, TX.
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    Interview over Huntsville Police
    (Jose Ramos, 2022-10-24) Ramos, Jose
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    Oral Interview with Dr. Zhao about George Beto and the Criminal Justice System
    (2022) Oster, Jennifer
    This is an oral interview that Jennifer Oster conducted with Dr. Solomon Zhao. Dr. Zhao talks about George Beto and his impact upon Sam Houston State University as well as how he contributed to not only the criminal justice program, but the prison system here in Huntsville, Texas.
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    Capital Punisment Interview with David Stacks - Director of The Texas Prison Museum
    (2022-10-24) Wellbrock, Clint
    David Stacks, the director of the Texas Prison Museum, was interviewed over capital punishment and the methods of execution that have been implemented by the State of Texas. The goal of this interview was to identify the cause of the movement from using electrocution as a means of execution to using lethal injection, as well as the attitude surrounding the movement. A former correctional officer who began his career in 1979, Stacks provides significant insight into this movement as he talks about his personal experience in the prison setting and his interactions with inmates during this time. Stacks also provides a detailed account of the community's reaction to the first execution carried out by lethal injection in the State of Texas - Charlie Brookes, Jr. After discussing the community's reaction, Stacks shares some of his personal beliefs regarding the death penalty and the method of execution, and then reflects on the concept of execution in general.
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    Oral Interview of Keshawn Mayers on His Perspective of Being a Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated
    (2022-09-29) Guillory, Camryn
    This is an interview done on Keshawn Mayers, the Parliamentarian of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. He discusses how he feels being apart of this Fraternity, his perspective of history on Sam Houston State University as a young African American Male, and how this Fraternity puts forth effort to help our community and give back to others.
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    Oral Interview with Ms. Barbara Kievit-Mason on Sam Houston Normal Institute
    (2022-10-06) Jeffrey, Hannah
    This is a brief oral interview with SHSU archivist Barbara Kievit-Mason on the history of Sam Houston Normal Institute. She explains the Peabody Fund, coursework, normal schools, and literary societies.
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    Oral Interview with Dr. Keith Jenkins on the History of Frank Parker Plaza
    (2022) Thompson, Jarrett
    Dr. Keith Jenkins has worked for Sam Houston State University in a variety of roles during his 32 years with the institution. During his time with the university, Dr. Jenkins has watched the Frank Parker Plaza transform into the iconic location that it is today. During the course of this interview, Dr. Jenkins provides information on the planning of the Plaza and what it means to Sam Houston State University.
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    Oral Interview with Janet Snow about Being the First President Alpha Delta Pi
    This is an oral interview on September 29, 2022, with Janet Snow. She was the president of Alpha Delta Pi the first year Alpha Delta Pi started at Sam Houston State University. She had joined the Caroline Belvin Literary Society, and in 1959 Sam Houston State University told the social clubs to find national affiliation. So all the Caroline Belvin Literary Society members went through recruitment and they were the first class of Delta Mu, Alpha Delta Pi. She talked about what the experience was like starting the sorority and how it shaped her as a woman.
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    Interview with George Evans about Huntsville's Public Swimming Pool in the 1950s
    (2021-04-05) Littlejohn, Jeffrey L.
    This is an oral interview that Dr. Jeffrey L. Littlejohn conducted with George Evans by telephone on April 5, 2021. George Evans and his sister Martha lived in Huntsville during the mid-twentieth century. Their father, George Pirtle Evans, served as an English professor at Sam Houston State Teachers College, and the Evans complex on Sam Houston State University’s campus is named for him. This interview covers the childhood experiences of George and Martha Evans. They grew up around Sam Houston State Teachers College and enjoyed the recreational offerings in Huntsville. The Evans family lived on Avenue O, only blocks from the college, where George and Martha roller-skated, biked, and explored. At roughly 10 years of age, George also received a job at the swimming pool as an attendant working for Coach M. Crawford, who managed the site. George worked as the counter clerk, handing out hanging baskets in which swimmers stowed their clothes and other belongings after changing into their suits. Evans learned how to swim at the pool with his young friends, and as they grew older they all participated in the Red Cross’s safety, rescue, and lifesaver course. The pool served as “our entire social world,” Evans said.