Civic Engagement and Mentorship as Preventative Measures to Deter Adolescent Delinquency



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Positive adolescent behavior is key to a productive future for society; however, mental factors, influential peer factors, environmental factors, and socio-economic factors tend to influence adolescent behavior. This study seeks to examine preventative measures (i.e., civic engagement and mentorship) to reduce delinquent behavior in adolescents. The research questions investigate civic engagement and mentorship as buffers to delinquent adolescent behavior through three social theories which include: 1) the social learning theory, 2) the social control theory, and 3) the social support theory. In-person interviews were conducted to obtain qualitative data from five community leaders/mentors and fifteen adults who were involved in civic engagement activities/mentorship programs as adolescents.



Adolescent delinquency, Risk factors, Civic engagement, Mentorship, Social learning theory, Social support theory, Social control theory, Adolescent behavior