The effects of elliptical cross training on VO2 max in recently trained runners




Joubert, Dustin P.
Oden, Gary L.
Estes, Brent

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Western Kentucky University (International Journal of Exercise Science)


This study examined the effects of elliptical cross training on VO2max in recently trained runners. 12 female and 8 male participants (mean ± SD; age = 23.70 ±6.33 years, body mass index = 24.85 ± 5.89 kg/m2) completed an initial four-week run training program, exercising four days/week, 30 minutes/day, at 80% maximal heart rate. VO2max was predicted based on the duration of a Bruce graded-maximal treadmill test (GXT) prior to and after the run training. After initial training phase and post-test, subjects volunteered for the detrain group (n = 6) or were assigned to the run (n= 7) or elliptical (n= 7) based on a matched-pair design. Elliptical and run groups exercised three weeks under same prescription as initial program. GXT again performed after mode-specific training phase. VO2max (ml/kg/min) increased (p < 0.001) from the pre-training (39.89 ± 10.74) to post-training (41.66 ± 10.90) after the initial run training program. Although not statistically significant, VO2max declined(0.8% running, 1.5% elliptical, and 4.8% detraining) for all groups following the additional mode-specific program. Despite declines, repeated measures ANOVA showed no significant differences within or between groups before and after the mode-specific training phase. However, dependent sample t-test did reveal a decline (p < 0.05) in GXT time (minutes) for the detrain group from before (11.01 ± 2.80) and after (10.54 ± 2.72) their detrain phase. Future research should determine if elliptical exercise maintains VO2max when away from running for longer periods.



elliptical, VO2max, run, cross train


Joubert, Dustin; Oden, Gary; and Estes, Brent (2011) "The Effects Of Ellipical Cross Training on VO2 max in Recently Trained Runners," International Journal of Exercise Science: Vol. 4 : Iss. 1. Available at: