Psychopathic Traits, Parenting, and Self-Concept: Factors Influencing Youth Aggression



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The current study aimed to assess factors related to youth aggression, specifically psychopathic traits, parenting practices, and self-concept. Correlations were run to ensure that the current, youth sample followed past literature and to determine areas for future research in the field. Analyzed data was collected from two middle schools and one intermediate school in Texas. Results followed past research, finding correlations between aggression and psychopathic traits when compared to unhealthy parenting practices and negative self-concept. Notable findings were that proactive aggression and honesty self-concept were negatively correlated, impulsivity and behavioral conduct self-concept were negatively correlated, and impulsivity and honesty self-concept were positively correlated. Results were discussed in terms of interpersonal theory. Callous-unemotional traits were also discussed since proactive aggression is a hallmark of these traits and share theoretical and behavioral considerations. Although the current study was not representative of a clinical sample, implications for parents and teachers are provided and underlie the importance of encouraging prosocial behaviors. Future research would allow for a better understanding of the variables interactions.



Psychopathic traits, Poor parenting, Positive parenting, Self-concept, Physical aggression, Reactive aggression, Proactive aggression, Relational aggression, Middle childhood, 7-16 years