Influence of high school sport participation and adult physical activity




Bice, M.
Ball, J.
Brown, Stephen L.
Parry, T.

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Journal of Sport and Health Research


BACKGROUND: Although the need for physical activity is often cited, few research studies examine the influence of high school sport participation on adulthood physical activity. This study examines this association using the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ). METHODS: In 2012, 1350 adults in southern Illinois were surveyed assessing current physical activity levels. Variables included: participant’s age, weight, height, high school sport. The IPAQ was used to summarize individual physical activity levels. Participant’s self reported physical activity levels were averaged and correlations and independent ttests were used to assess the data. RESULTS: Individuals who participated in competitive high school sports reported to have higher physical activity levels than participants that did not. Significant differences in physical activity levels were present in total moderate exercise time and total walking time. Participants who did not participate in high school sports reported significantly higher total time spent sitting compared to those participants who did compete in high school sports. CONCLUSIONS: High school sport participation cannot predict future physical activity trends; however, this study does implicate that physical activity derived from high school sport participation can transition into adulthood. As no significant differences were found in BMI between individuals who participated in high school sports, it is significant to note that high school sport participation may be a significant contributing adult obesity factor. This study can imply that high school sports aids in an active lifestyle but not any different than those who participate in recreational activities.


This article was originally published in the Journal of Sport and Health Research


Inactivity, inactive, recreation, health, education


Bice, M., Ball, J, Brown, SL, Parry, T. (2014). Influence of high school sport participation and adult physical activity. Journal of Sport and Health Research, 6(3): 253-264. 5