“Meta Cloud Discovery” Model: An Approach to Integrity Monitoring for Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Planning




Wilbert, Brittany M.
Liu, Qingzhong

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International Journal of Information and Education Technology


A structure is required to prevent the malicious code from leaking onto the system. The use of sandboxes has become more advance, allowing for investigators to access malicious code while minimizing the risk of infecting their own machine. This technology is also used to prevent malicious code from compromising vulnerable machines. The use of sandbox technology and techniques can potentially be extended to cloud infrastructures to prevent malicious content from compromising specialized infrastructure such as backups that are used for disaster recovery and business continuity planning. This paper will discuss existing algorithms related to current sandbox technology, and extend the work into the “Meta Cloud Discovery” model, a sandbox integrity-monitoring proposal for disaster recovery. Finally, implementation examples will be discussed as well as future research that would need to be performed to improve the model.


Article originally published in International Journal of Information and Education Technology


Cloud infrastructure, disaster recovery, integrity monitoring technique, sandbox


Wilbert BM and Liu Q (2013). "Meta cloud discovery" model: an approach to integrity monitoring for cloud-based disaster recovery planning. International Journal of Information & Education Technology, 3(5): 516-521.