Online Course Evaluation Instruments and their Effect on Self-regulated Learning in Online Courses



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The number of online courses that have been developed by faculty continues to increase in higher education. The purpose of this mixed-methods research study is to investigate the effects of online courses developed using the Quality Matters (QM) framework on self-regulated learning behaviors for students enrolled in online courses. The research was undertaken using self-regulated learning theory and the QM framework. Students enrolled in fully online courses were recruited to participate in this study by completing pre and post Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ) surveys, as well as complete a post-course survey inquiring to the learning strategies utilized in their online course. The findings of this research study indicate that there are no statistical differences in the post-MSLQ composite scores with students enrolled in a course that was developed using the QM framework versus students enrolled in an online course that was not developed using the QM framework. Qualitative data self-reported by students indicated that the organization of the course was a prominent theme in courses developed with the QM framework. Future research implications and future research recommendations are also discussed.



Education, Curriculum and Instruction