A descriptive study of the Texas Ranger :historical overtones on minority attutides



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Purpose: The Purpose of this study was to establish an understanding of the relationship between the Texas Ranger and the Mexican American and to provide a profile of today’s Texas Ranger. Included is a recounting of the Texas Ranger’s 150-yeaar old history, a brief history of the Mexican Americans of South Texas, and measurements of opinions from Mexican American and Anglo American communities. Specifically, the aim of the study was to provide for those interested an account of some of the issues concerning the Texas Ranger. Methods: One primary source of Dara for this study was responses to mailed questionnaires containing twenty items for the Texas Ranger’s interest. Also serving as primary data were the knowledge items opinions of five hundred Anglo and Mexican Americans tested in English and Spanish. Secondary sources were numerous books, articles, periodicals, reports, agency statistics, and reports. Findings: From the data and other evidence gathered during the research the following conclusions may be drawn: 1. The Texas Ranger found his official beginning in 1835 as defense for the frontier against the Indians. Since that time the Texas Ranger has been involved in repeated violence with the Mexican or Mexican American. Originally, it involved Mexican bandits raiding in Texas but more lately involved farm labor union’s attempts at organization. 3. The Mexican American ancestors may have settled in Texas as r=early as 1500. They lost the land to the American settlers after the Texas Revolution, although not all Mexicans concede to this until after the war with the United States. Subsequent to this, thousands have migrate to the U.S. to join those already here. Together they comprise the country’s largest minority. Together they suffer high unemployment, low education, and inadequate housing. There is considerable political and economic effort afoot to remedy this situation. 3. The “average� or “typical� Texas Ranger is 45.5 years old, was 36.8 years old at appointment. He is tall, comes from a rural background, and had 11.9 percent years’ experience in the military service. He has expressed a desire for further education and training, predominately in the area of criminology and police science, in service training, psychology, and sociology. 4. In the groups tested Mexican Americana indicated to a higher degree then Anglo Americans that they held the Texas Ranger in less esteem. Areas tested included service, favoritism, and abolishment. 5. Discussion was provided in the areas of history and violence, public image, and abolishment.



Mexicans--Texas, Texas Raner, Mexican American, Opinions from Mexican American, Opinions from Anglo American