Sergio Aragonés Marginalizes Francoism in the Exile Newspaper España Libre (NYC)




Montse, Feu

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Camino Real


Sergio Aragonés is an award-winning and celebrated Mad Magazine cartoonist whose prolific career includes his bestselling comics Groo the Wanderer and Boogeyman, among others. However, his anti-Francoist cartoons published in the exile newspaper España Libre (1939-1977, NYC) have not been studied. Using an interdisciplinary theoretical approach to humor, I examine the social function of selected cartoons by Aragonés. The drawings, published from 1962 to 1965, exposed the political persecution exerted by Francisco Franco to a global readership. His frontpage cartoons also informed and emotionally sustained the dissenting working-class resistance under the regime and abroad


This article was originally published by Camino Real


Spaniards in the United States, Spanish Civil War, Exile Newspapers, cartoons, Labor Resistance Movements, Francisco Franco’s Dictatorship


“Sergio Aragonés Marginalizes Francoism in España Libre (NYC)” Camino Real. Alcalá de Henares: Instituto Franklin- UAH, 7:10 (2015): 127-144.