How Safe are Selected Texas School-Based Agricultural Mechanics Laboratories?: A Review of Teachers' Safety Perceptions



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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the safe working conditions in Texas agricultural mechanics laboratories. Researchers sought to identify the personal, professional, and program demographics of the teachers who instruct in the laboratories and the laboratories themselves. A survey was distributed in an online format to agricultural mechanics teachers across the state of Texas. A total of 133 (f = 55%) agricultural mechanics teachers responded to the survey. The instrument consisted of nine sections that included: demographics, general safety conditions, general appearance, personal protective equipment, condition of hand and power tools, electrical, fire safety, compressed gas cylinders safety, and storage in the agricultural mechanics laboratory. Frequency, percentages, mean, and standard deviation was used to analyze the data that was collected. It was found that the majority of agricultural mechanics teachers were self-perceived as safe in their agricultural mechanics laboratory, besides specific areas. It is recommended that agricultural mechanics teachers make sure they have all the proper safety equipment, attend workshops that are provided, and understand how to safely teach their students in an agricultural mechanics laboratory.



Agricultural mechanics, Safety, Agricultural mechanics laboratory, Sam Houston State University, Texas