Photovoice 2.0: A Research Framework for the Digital Generation

December 2023
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The purpose of this dissertation is to conduct a descriptive case study research that adapted the research framework, Photovoice 2.0 with select doctoral students from Algeria. Due to the immense number of young adults digitally communicating images through social media, it is vital to develop competencies in visual, media, and privacy literacy. Photovoice 2.0 study is deeply rooted in qualitative approach to address the needs of the new media generation. The new framework provided insights into the lives of six Algerian university students. Using Instagram, the participants showcased and addressed issues in Algerian society such as, public infrastructure for wheelchair accessibility, environmental pollution, conditions of public-school housing, and positive aspects of soccer. The participants expressed Photovoice 2.0 as an empowering experience and will continue to use this method in their future academic professions. Additionally, the participants showed positive gains in visual media and privacy literacies. Future implications discuss the various contexts Photovoice 2.0 could be used in universities or public schools to engage students and raise awareness about important issues.

Literacy; Photography; Education; Media