Sharing My Journey With My Students: Applied Assignments That First Changed MY Relationships




Randall, G. Kevin

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Family Science Review


Parker Palmer (1998) said it well: “We did not merely find a subject to teach - the subject also found us” (p. 25). In this brief article, I want to share with others what my subject has taught my students and me. Over the past 20 years, three particular assignments or practicums, as I call them in class, have consistently earned high commendations from my undergraduate students, students whose academic majors vary across the campus from engineering and technology to liberal arts and sciences. These three assignments, focusing primarily on the family of origin, interpersonal communication, and forgiveness, are the applied backbone of the course, Family Relations, an upper-level undergraduate course.


This article was originally published by Family Science Review


teaching, family origin, interpersonal communication, forgiveness


Randall, G. K. (2012). Sharing my journey with my students: Applied assignments that First changed MY Relationships. Family Science Review 17(1), 72-79.