Grading Practices in Choice-based Literacy Workshop: Teacher Perceptions of the Implementation of Standards-based Grading



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Reading and Writing workshop is a solution some schools are turning to in response to the demands for change in English instruction. The workshop structure allows students to select many, even most, of their own texts and topics. The authentic reading and writing experiences address the need for creativity and critical thinking for their post-secondary endeavors and future jobs. However, teachers indicate grading practices continue to hinder their reliance on workshop structures and their commitment to offer wide differentiation and choice. This work examines teachers’ perceptions of implementing different grading practices encompassed in standards-based grading. This research design includes a Metaplan structure and follow-up interviews to ensure clarification and accuracy. Future research might focus on teachers’ perceptions of grade reporting using a traditional grading system while applying standards-based grading.



Grading Practices, Reading and Writing Workshop, Implementation of Standards-based grading