Motives of alone versus group binge watching with the uses and gratifications approach



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The purpose of this study is to define binge watching using a number of hours and to identify and compare the factors of binge watching alone and binge watching in a group. Generally, a binge watching session alone is longer than a binge watch session with other people with an average of 5 hours when binge watching alone and 3.47 hours in a group. Factors associated with both binge watching alone and binge watching in a group are engagement, social, passing time, and hedonism. Overall, binge watching alone had stronger engagement, passing time, and hedonism factors whereas binge watching in a group had a strong social factor. Across all four factors, passing time was the strongest across both binge watching alone and in a group, which implies that respondents use binge watching as primarily a time wasting activity.



Binge watching, binge watch, uses and gratifications, factor analysis, motives, netflix, binge, television