Developing an evidence-based public health informatics course




Yu, Xinyu
Xie, Yue
Pan, Xuequn
Mayfield-Johnson, Susan
Whipple, Jessica
Azadbakht, Elena

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Medical Library Association (Journal of the Medical Library Association)


Objectives: This study assessed the need to develop a public health informatics (PHI) introductory course and determine contents of such a course. Methods: Community assessments employing focus group interviews and an online survey were utilized to determine course need and content. Results: Results revealed a need to provide PHI training to graduate public health students and suggested broad course content requirements. Results indicated lack of awareness of libraries and librarians as sources of public health information. Conclusions: A graduate PHI course was developed and delivered. Additionally, implementation of a subject guide increased the library's profile.



Public Health Informatics, Needs Assessment, education, public health professional, community-institutional relations


Xinyu Yu, Yue Xie, Xuequn Pan, Mayfield-Johnson, S., Whipple, J., & Azadbakht, E. (2015). Developing an evidence-based public health informatics course. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 103(4), 194–197.